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Beadboard Specification Sheet

Beadboard 3 Part Specs

Worklite Specification Sheet

Worklite Product Do's & Don'ts

Worklite Safety Data Sheet

Worklite 3 Part Specs

Worklite Testing

Econokore Specification Sheet

Econokore Product Do's & Don'ts

Econokore Safety Data Sheet

Econokore 3 Part Specs

Econokore Double Layer Framework Construction Guides

Econokore Double Layer Overlay with Other Bending Panels Guide

Econokore Double Layer Removeable Framework Guide

Econokore Laminating Guide

Econokore Layer Back to Back Guide

Econokore Poplar Single Layer Free Standing (Poplar Back)

Econokore Single Layer Framework Construction Guide

Econokore Single Layer Free Standing (Laminate Both Sides) Guide

Flexboard Specification Sheet

Flexboard Product Do's & Don'ts

Flexboard Safety Data Sheet

Flexboard 3 Part Specs

Flexboard Attachment Techniques

Flexboard Columns Guide

Flexboard Doors Compound Guide

Flexboard Doors Simple Guide

Flexboard Framework Fabrication Guide

Flexboard Laminating Guide

Timberflex Specification Sheet

Timberflex Product Do's & Don'ts

Timberflex Safety Data Sheet

Timberflex 3 Part Specs

Timberflex Attachment Techniques

Timberflex Columns Guide

Timberflex Doors Compound Guide

Timberflex Doors Simple Guide

Timberflex Framework Fabrication Guide

Timberflex Laminating Guide

Kerfkore Specification Sheet

Kerfkore Product Do's & Don'ts

Kerfkore Safety Data Sheet

Kerfkore 3 Part Specs

Kerfkore Attachment Techniques

Kerfkore Columns Guide

Kerfkore Doors with Veneer Guide

Kerfkore Laminating Flat Different Substrates Guide

Kerfkore Laminating Flat Guide

Kerfkore Machining Techniques Guide

Kerfkore Seaming Methods on Curved Areas Guide

Kerfkore Seaming Methods on Flat Areas Guide

Kerfkore Splicing Without Fasteners Height Guide

Kerfkore Splicing Without Fasteners Width Guide

Kerfkore Doors with HPL Guide



“We saved about four days worth of labor on a recent project by using TimberFlex (Over a 70% reduction). Not only did we produce a cleaner product, but we were able to move on to the next project ahead of schedule. We used to kerf our own boards, something that takes time and requires very little skill. Kerfkore Products allowed us to remove this step and focus our skills where they are really needed. “

Michael Phillips | Mid-American Precast Inc.