In 1984 after a long, hard winter in Pennsylvania, Ed Peede began his trek back to his roots along the Golden Isles of Georgia. Along the way Ed made it his mission to help anyone that was having trouble with the curve. He staked his claim in Brunswick, GA and with seven followers Interior Products opened their doors.

His band of seven sought out partners and soon was producing a flexible product called Tambour for Armstrong World Industries, Formica Corporation and Ralph Wilson Plastics.

In 1986, a proprietary line of Tambour known as “Visions” entered the market and soon was distributed by distributors far and wide.

Soon furniture companies such as Sauder, O’Sullivan and Bush Industries heard the story and
purchased the products to use in their furniture production.

By 1989 it was apparent that we could no longer fit into our current building, so in a six-acre plot surrounded by wetlands a new 50,000 square foot facility was established.

The new facilities allowed for the expansion into custom component fabrication. New markets were developed including materials for the residential furniture, store fixture and display industries.

Legend has it that while wrestling an alligator in the marsh, the gator told Ed the world needed a better and more dependable bendable wood product. (Not completely sure if this is how it actually happened, but we can't disprove it either.)

The old method of kerfing a panel was slow and unpredictable and bendable plywood products were very unstable and lacked uniformity.

Kerfkore was born!

In 2000 we embarked on a new endeavor by focusing solely on manufacturing board products and prelaminated flexible panels. The company became recognized as a problem-solving guru for our partners.

In 2005, Interior Products went into the ocean, never to be seen again and The Kerfkore Company was born.

Around this time, our partners came to us and asked us to help them lose some weight, so we developed Foamkore and Balsakore to provide a lightweight line of interior panels, which quickly found their way across the US and Canada.

Sadly in 2008 after a long battle with Cancer, we had lost our founder. But with a new crew and his vision in hand, we have continued to charge forward and provide solutions for interior design challenges.