“R.B. Woodcraft’s task was to fabricate a custom museum environment in a large studio glass show. Our success in creating the display components was facilitated using a number of Kerfkore products including Kerfkore, Timberflex, Flexboard, and Worklite. The variety of lengths, thickness, and bending tolerances helped us meet all the design and engineering challenges that this project presented.”

Gary Zarnowski | Project Manager, RB Woodcraft

“We saved about four days worth of labor on a recent project by using Timberflex (Over a 70% reduction). Not only did we produce a cleaner product, but we were able to move on to the next project ahead of schedule.

We used to kerf our own boards, something that takes time and requires very little skill. Kerfkore Products allowed us to remove this step and focus our skills where they are really needed.”

Michael Phillips | Mid-American Precast Inc.

“During the construction of millwork at Nationwide Arena, Columbus (Ohio) new NHL hockey arena, the designers came to us with a fabrication problem. The original design for a concession area included a steel channel in an elliptical shape suspended from the arena’s ceiling. When the structural engineers reviewed the plans, they objected to the fixtures the weight was too great to be properly supported. The design team asked us to find a solution.

We used Timberflex to create a curved ceiling fixture painted to mimic the steel channel. Even the steel fabricators were fooled, and the fixture was incredibly light. Kerfkore Products gives us options that we never had before.”

Dean Hafey | Dean's Custom Fixtures (Columbus, OH)

“Kerfkore is easier than cutting/kerfing ourselves. Great product and easy to use.”

Kevin Groenke | University of Minnesota, College of Design

“I used Timberflex to design a hostess stand, tables, and booths in the Casitoga restaurant. This stuff is genius, you can’t beat it. It is amazing and the designs you can create with this stuff are unbelievable. We keep it in inventory at US Millwork and use it every time we have a radius project. It really works wonders.”

Rick Selvage | US Millwork, Inc.

“While we have made curved pieces with bending board and veneers previously this was our first attempt at building something with this kind of shape. I found the Kerfkore to be easier to work with than I expected. I don’t know if I could have or would have wanted to build this the old way. We did additional supports inside which I understand is overkill with Kerfkore. I would feel comfortable doing more shapes with Kerfkore in the future.”

Bryan Eads | The Bookcase Place of Richmond, Inc.

“Labor is always one of our biggest concerns. We don’t mind paying a little more up front, if the result is an overall reduction of labor in the end. The use of Timberflex eliminates the trial and error that we previously experienced with old methods.”

Michael Phillips | Mid-American Precast Inc.

“The Kerfkore Worklite product was the perfect material for the art piece I wanted to create. I needed something that had a physically and visually substantial structure, while being lightweight at the same time and this material had it all.

The people at Kerfkore were extremely helpful and excited to help me achieve my vision, working with me to choose the product that would best suit my needs and to have the sheets cut to my specifications. Not only was the material’s structure perfect, it did not require heavy duty jointing or extra reinforcements; I found that the joints in my sculptures adhered very well with a strong wood glue alone!

Once my sculptures were complete, I was able to move them, place them and interact with them in the various environments I chose without any problem – instead of worrying about my sculptures breaking, I needed only to worry whether they would fit in my vehicle. I am really happy to have found and worked with this company … they were a huge part of my success in this project.”

Amy Snell | Student at Metro State College in Denver, CO

“The Kerfkore product line allows our team to focus on what they are really good at doing, rather than dedicating an excessive amount of wasted time on unskilled administrative tasks such as sanding, filling flat areas with Bondo and unnecessary framework. This allows us to offer a better price to our customers.”

Walton Scott | Quality Cabinet & Fixture Company (San Diego, CA)

“The Kerfkore products have been invaluable for our company. Unlike bending ply, the substrate is strong from the top to the bottom eliminating bumps and imperfections. Thank you.”

Steve | Max Urban Millwork (Boynton Beach, FL)

“Using Kerfkore we can create inlays in flat panels, then bend the panel. Applying inlays to already curved surfaces is tedious, if not impossible. Designers and architects have been delighted with the creative flexibility we can offer them.”

Dean Hafey | Dean's Custom Fixtures (Columbus, OH)

“The Kerfkore Product’s line is great because it turns a tight radius and is quick and easy to use.

Less material, less thinking time, less labor = less overall cost.

Before, we would take small slats (wide ripped out of a 1 x), faces touching, backs out, build a form around it, then fill the gaps with Bondo, sand and smooth out. Now, we simply cut ribs to specified shape and apply the Timberflex. It doesn’t get much easier.”

Michael Phillips | Mid-American Precast Inc.

“In using Kerfkore products, I find it has saved me in time and labor over traditional methods. It gives me a consistent result every time. It also has expanded our ability to be creative for the customer.”

Roger Smith | Third Day Creations

“[Kerfkore Products] provide stronger, better and more reliable results compared to our old approach where we used layers of 3/8″ bendable plywood.

I knew that their product line would make a positive difference as soon as the manufacturer representative walked through our door.

Currently, there is not a single section on our production floor that doesn’t contain one of the Kerfkore products.”

Walton Scott | Quality Cabinet & Fixture Company (San Diego, CA)

“Prior to using pre-kerfed substrates provided by Kerfkore Company, we painstakingly saw-kerfed plywood panels manually for use in radius millwork applications. Kerfkore Company’s flexible substrates have cut our skilled labor costs dramatically.

The variety of materials supplied by Kerfkore Company (Kerfkore, Timberflex, Flexboard and Worklite) lends itself to numerous applications and options: panels, doors, curtain walls, moldings and traditional curved millwork. We can use Kerfkore Products in applications where the weight of plywood panels would be impractical.”

Dean Hafey | Dean's Custom Fixtures (Columbus, OH)