Tradeshow Booth


April 17, 2020

We have completely redesigned our tradeshow booth and company presentation to provide a more modern, educational and product-centric presentation for our upcoming tradeshows. Developing a new booth that highlighted our products effectively is key to engaging with current customers and telling our story to new customers.

When designing the booth, our goal was to have a modern open layout, to increase the flow and ease with which attendees could move through our product story and engage with our sales and marketing team to learn about our products.  We added new monitors to present product stories and information. We also increased the size of our overall presentation, by using large product graphics, visible branding from all sides and larger, more representable samples that help visitors better understand how the product can be used.

Our new booth was unveiled at the AWFS Fair in July 2019. After a lot of great feedback, we are excited for the new booth’s first appearance at the IWF Show in August 2020. (Assuming the show is not canceled due to Covid-19)

Will you be attending the IWF Show in August? If so, we’d love to catch up and show you around the new booth! Stop by BC817 to say hello!

Not registered for IWF yet? Click here for a link that you can use to register.