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Kerfkore is excited to announce our updated “How To” Flex Ed Guides, which are available for viewing and download on our individual product pages and Resources Page. The series includes how-to instructions for our flexible products, including Kerfkore, Timberflex, Flexboard, and Econokore.

The Flex Ed Series was developed to provide customers with a more informative step-by-step guide on best practices and techniques when using Kerfkore products. The guides are a combination of images and step-by-step instructions to help quickly process and easily recall the information.

The Flex Ed Series covers various topics for each flexible product. Customers can learn about:

  • Attachment Techniques
  • Forming a Column
  • Seaming Methods
  • Constructing Framework
  • Building a Door
  • Laminate and Veneer Applications

Not sure where to start? Check out the Timberflex Columns Guide for best forming techniques with our Timberflex product.

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