Kerfkore Brand Guideline


April 14, 2020

To better communicate our brand, we have developed brand use guidelines that are available for viewing and download in the Professional section of our new website Resources page. The guidelines were developed to provide our customers with proper brandmark, color and font usage. This will help ensure that we build a strong brand identity that stays consistent as we continue to grow the Kerfkore market. Consistency will create a more recognizable and reliable brand within our industry.

The guidelines provide the acceptable uses of the Kerfkore logo, color palette, and typography. Please use this document as you upgrade your website and other marketing materials. Please discontinue the use of our old materials and logo.

We believe that the guidelines provide enough flexibility for you to create marketing materials that represent Kerfkore products while not interfering with how you present your company or other brands.

The Kerfkore Brand Guidelines and the official Kerfkore Brandmarks are downloadable on the Resources page in the Professional’s section.

Check out the Kerfkore Brand Guidelines and please reach out to us at if you have any questions!