New Lightweight Products Open Up Design Possibilities

February 19, 2021


Kyra White
Kerfkore Company
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These next-generation engineered wood products are strong, lightweight, and eco-friendly.

February 12, 2021, Brunswick, Georgia – Kerfkore announced today that it is launching a new product as part of its ultra-lightweight line: Worklite® PHC Hexkore.

Since the 1980s, the Kerfkore Company has been known for its innovations in lightweight and bendable engineered wood products. Architects have used their products to provide architectural interest in many different settings including university campuses, office spaces, healthcare settings, and hotels to name a few.

Worklite® PHC Hexkore is the latest product in Kerfkore’s lightweight product line and can reduce weight by up to 80% over traditional materials.

“Our customers are looking for ultra-lightweight materials because they open up more design possibilities. The great thing about these products is that they have an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio,” said Dave Quackenbush, President of Kerfkore.

Worklite® PHC Hexkore, with its distinctive hexagon cell structure, is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

As with all of Kerfkore’s lightweight products,  Worklite® PHC Hexkore can be installed using conventional fabrication methods and can be customized with decorative surfacing veneers, paint, or metal finishes.

Quackenbush adds: “These products are creating a lot of excitement because they are totally customizable so they can meet your design requirements. They are a great addition to our Worklite® line.”

You can learn more about Kerfkore’s lightweight and bendable wood products by visiting their website.

About Kerfkore
Since 1984, Kerfkore has helped architects, designers, and millworkers solve complex design challenges and achieve beautiful architectural curves on their projects. Our bendable and lightweight plywood products require minimal structural support and are 80% lighter than traditional options making them a reliable, cost-effective, and time-saving alternative. All of our products are manufactured at our facility in Brunswick, Georgia, and can be customized to fit your needs. We use a precision design process to ensure consistency, stability, and symmetry every single time.


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