b'FLEXBOARD Flex Bending Radius 8Stable Base Layer 8Form, Then Laminate OR Laminate Flat First, Then Form* Maximum RadiusEdgeband ReadyMATERIALSDECORATIVEFACING CORES SURFACEEucalyptus Hardboard Standard Particleboard High-Pressure LaminatesMDFVeneersPlywood MetalFire Rated Particleboard LeatherNAUF FSC Particleboard PaintsOther Similar MaterialsTHICKNESS1/2 5/8 11/16 3/4ParticleboardPlywoodMDFNAUF ParticleboardNOMINAL PANEL SIZE48 x 96 96 x 48 48 x 120 120 x 48ParticleboardPlywoodMDFNAUF Particleboard*When laminating Flexboard in the flat postion, you will only be able to achieve a maximum 16 radius with limitations on decorative surfaces. kerfkore.com|912.264.6496|info@kerfkore.com'