b'About Kerfkore Product Highlights:Kerfkore combines our unique base layer manufacturingBest for complex curves (i.e. S shape process with our LTX Flexible Backer to create a highlyand curvilinear curves)flexible and extremely stable base layer that allows for fast and easy attachment of high-pressure laminates, veneers,Ideal for high quality, consistent and metals, leathers and many other semirigid materials.repeatable processesWhen using Kerfkore, the decorative surfacing material canEasy-Splice: Eliminate scrap and use be applied while flat and then formed into the desired shape100% of the materialachieving a 3 1/2 radius, making it ideal for projects with complex curves.Flat lamination = fast consistent processApply decorative surface material with J-Roller or in a cold press(30 psi max)Attach to framework with PVA glue and clampskerfkore.com|912.264.6496|info@kerfkore.com'