b'USEFUL KEY TERMSBend Radius: How far you can bend a piece of wood without breaking it.Biscuit Slots: These are cut into the side ribs of both the curved panels for attachment. Once aligned with their opposite half, insert the biscuits using white glue and strap the two column cover halves in place.Butt Joints: This is an attachment method that could be used with our products. A butt joint is created by extending the laminate beyond the end of the panel to allow the corner panel to butt up against it.Compression Strength: The ability of a certain material or structural element to withstand loads thatreduce the size of that material.Dado Cut: This cut will be made through the center of the panel, so that a horizontal rib can be placed into it. This creates additional support for the structure.Easy-Splice: This method is accomplished by easily splicing Kerfkore in length or width to utilize small pieces to make larger and/or unique sizes. The purpose of Easy-Splice is to eliminate scrap and use 100% of the material. This method can only be used with our Kerfkore product.Edgebanding: A common finishing technique for furniture and cabinetry, covers up the visible edges on thelightweight panels.EPS: Abbreviation for expanded polystyrene (white foam).Finger Joints: A woodworking cut, also known as comb joints, made by cutting a set of complementary,interlocking profiles in two pieces of wood, which are then glued.Finger Jointed Poplar: A strong, durable hardwood product that uses finger joints to create astraighter, flatter board. This lumber reduces the likelihood of warping and provide an extremely stable frame.Framing: Lumber frames that can be added or manufactured around the outers edges of a lightweightpanel.Internal Bands: Lumber bands that can be manufactured along the center of a lightweight panel.Kerfing: The process of cutting grooves or slots into a solid board.Non-Structural Architecture/Design: Interior elements or components that are not load- bearingor do not assist in the seismic design and do not require design computations for a buildings structureRabbet Joints: This is an attachment method that could be used with our products. This is a cut made into the top and/or bottom of the panel to allow the rails of the framework to be placed into it.Ribs: Ribs are a supporting piece of wood that is cut to represent the shape of the end product.R-Value: Capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. Higher R-Value = greater insulating power.Sandwich Panel: A three-layer structure, with the two outside layers consisting of a thin, rigid material and the middle layer consisting of a thicker, lightweight material.kerfkore.com|912.264.6496|info@kerfkore.com'