b'CUSTOM CAPABILITIESSIZED PANELSWe offer special cuts and extended sizes for most of our flexible and lightweight products. Our panels can be cut smaller or extended to meet special requirements and arrive ready for use, saving you valuable time and resources. Cut to size panels can provide more design flexibility while also eliminating waste.DECORATIVE SURFACINGKerfkore can press a laminate, veneer, metal, leather, or similar semirigid materials of your choice on most of our flexible and lightweight products. You specify the decorative surfacing materials and either supply the materials to our location, or we can source the materials for you. Either way, we will deliver a product that is ready to go!GROOVE PATTERNSKerfkore can custom cut the grooves in a panel to meet your design specifications or to streamline product production. Our products can be grooved for special bends while leaving un-grooved areas for CNC machining or other manufacturing processes. This creates less work for you by simplifying and streamlining your process.FRAMING AND INTERNAL BANDINGCustom frames and internal bands can be added to Worklite panels during the manufacturing process. Framing and banding provide areas to place mounting hardware for project applications that involve larger and heavier attachments. Banding and framing configuration can be custom designed to match requirements in width, thickness and location.'