b'LIGHTWEIGHT FACE MATERIAL OPTIONSEucalyptus Hardboard Fiberboard Italian Poplar PlywoodMaterialCompressed Wood Compressed Wood 3-Ply Construction WoodThickness0.09 1/8 1/8Weight0.56 lbs/sf 0.56 lbs/sf 0.25 lbs/sfSurface QualityNon-Oil Based Faceboard Consistent and Smooth Surface Higher Grade Face VeneersConsistent and Smooth Surface No Wood Grain Consistent Wood GrainNo Wood Grain Minimal Core Voids Acceptable Decorative Surfacing MaterialsHigh Pressure Laminates High Pressure Laminates High Pressure LaminatesVeneers Veneers VeneersMetals Metals MetalsPaints Paints PaintsOr Similar Materials Or Similar Materials StainsOr Similar MaterialsExtended Sizing AvailableLength Length and Width Only Available in 4x8Sustainable Option- -Recommended with Framing-kerfkore.com|912.264.6496|info@kerfkore.com'