b'About Worklite PHC Hexkore Product Highlights:Worklite PHC Hexkore reduces material weight up to 78%*78% weight reduction compared to by capturing a lightweight honeycomb core between twoconventional panels made of plywood, thin high-density faces, resulting in a high strength to weightparticleboard and MDFratio. The paperboard honeycombs 3/8 hex cell structure provides impact resistance and compressive strength.Core material is 100% recyclable and biodegradeablePanels can be covered with high-pressure laminates, veneers, metals and many other semirigid materials as wellApply decorative surface material with as stain or paint. J-Roller or in a cold press(10 psi max)Attach to framework:Through-bolt in the panel and attach it to the structureUse glue to attach the panels to the face of the frameworkAdd framing within the panel to attach it to the structurekerfkore.com|912.264.6496|info@kerfkore.com'