b'About Timberflex Product Highlights:Timberflex combines our unique base layer manufacturingBest for projects with tight curves (i.e. process with our 1/8 imported Italian Poplar Plywood Facecircular)to create a flexible and extremely stable base layer that allows easy attachment of high-pressure laminates, veneers, metals and many other semirigid materials.3-Ply Italian Poplar Plywood produced under strick tolerances and high When using Timberflex, the decorative surfacing materialstandards with Grade A face veneeris applied after the base material has been formed into the desired shape achieving a 5 radius. Form first, then laminateStain & paintApply decorative surface material with J-RollerAttach to framework with PVA glue and stapleskerfkore.com|912.264.6496|info@kerfkore.com'